Back Yard Rhythm Orchestra


For those of you that don’t know, get to know…Back Yard Rhythm Orchestra are a bit like a sister-group for Verbal Terrorists, fronted by VT’s stalwart truth-spitter, Drop Dead Fred. Back Yard are a party band with a conscience, playing ‘world’ music arranged as if it were ‘rave ‘ – stimulating thought and dance equally. You’d expect no less from DDF!

Conceived in late 2010, the 13 strong BYRO have been smashing festivals and clubs for the last couple of years. With such a large ensemble, getting into the studio has proved difficult but they have finally managed to produce ‘You’ve Been Framed’; a stomper written in the wake of the 2010 student protests.

The recording features a special guest appearance from Jewan Hwas on saz and will be augmented by remixes from top class talent such as Joonipah and Tim Shaw. Also look out for a silly 5 min mockumentary about the band set to be released on Youtube within the month…




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